Message to Visitors

Welcome to Trinity Family Life Center where we invite you to be part of the praise and worship of our God.

We believe God is the audience and that we have come to worship and give ourselves to God. We invite you to open up to the mind-blowing, heart-warming, life-changing power of God - a power that will disturb,              delight, deliver and lift you!

Whether we’re black or white, rich or poor, upper class, middle class or no class, whether we have PhD’s or no D’s, whether we’re young or old, male or female, Democrat, Republican or Independent, politically correct or incorrect, you’re welcome here. Welcome to Trinity at The Eastern Gate.

But be ready - at Trinity at The Eastern Gate:

Discouraged folks cheer up;

Dishonest folks ‘fess up;

Sour folks sweeten up;

Depressed folks look up;

Closed folks open up;

Gossips shut up;

Conflicted folks make up;

Sleeping folks wake up;

Lukewarm folks fire up;

Dry bones shake up;

And pew potatoes stand up.

But most of all, Christ, the Savior of all the world is lifted up… Welcome to Trinity at The Eastern Gate!

Bishop Mel Griffin &

Pastor Tim Burden