Trinity Church, originally called the Houser Church United Brethren, has been in the Pickerington area since 1820, when a group of believers met in their homes.  The original church building, built in 1866, still stands on the corner of Tollgate Rd and Blacklick-Eastern Rd. Trinity Church became part of the United Methodist Church in 1970 and changed its name to Trinity United Methodist Church.

In 1973, TUMC was introduced to a pastor named Scott Kelso. Plans were made to build a bigger church in 1984 and the church purchased 30 acres of land on Blacklick-Eastern Rd. TUMC was renamed Trinity Family Life Center and the first service in the new 32,000 sq. ft. building took place in May of 1995.

Pastor Scott Kelso remained with TFL for 38 years, until July 2011. He continues to remain active in ministries in Pickerington and surrounding areas.

In 2011, TFLC was blessed with new pastoral leaders Tim Burden and his wife Beth.   

In 2018, the congregation decided to leave the UM denomination.  There had been a vision for many years that we were to be the Eastern Gate.  Many Christians believe that when Jesus comes again (the second coming of Christ), the gate will be opened and He will once again enter the Holy City.

When Christ returns to this earth (second coming of Christ) it has been prophesied that at the moment His feet touch the ground at the Mount of Olives there will be a great earthquake that will cause the Eastern Gate to open.

We know that God has exciting things in store for this ministry and can’t wait to see what the next 190 years hold for us!

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